More than 60 years ago, an “it” girl not dissimilar to Jennifer Lawrence also had highly suggestive and topless photos emerge into the public sphere, just as her career was rocketing from B-player to A-list star. A 23-year-old Marilyn Monroe, desperate for work, posed nude for art photographer Tom Kelley in 1949, receiving $50 for her time. | She made rent, and continued her fledgling career.

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Mother Lacey Harris claims her daughter, five year old girl AvaLynn, received horrible facial injuries after kids kicked her but school claim it was accident | A Mississippi mother’s claim that her five-year-old daughter was viciously beaten on the school playground during the first week of school and that school officials are not telling the full truth about the incident has gone decidedly viral.

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A picture of Christy Mack posted on twitter revealed the recent domestic violence victim walking the streets of Las Vegas, which prompted War Machine loyalists to go on the offensive regarding the severity of her injuries. Not only has Christy Mack been the victim of a savage domestic abuse incident that left her severely injured, she cannot even walk the streets of Las Vegas without War Machine loyalists insinuating that she was faking it.

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